You will need
  • P2P program
  • good and stable Internet connection
Fast download tracker with the use of one of the peer-to-peer programs (for example, µTorrent or BitComet) it is necessary that someone gave this program. Since the whole point of P2P is that users are actually downloading a copy of the file from each other from the recording medium. Thus, distributing a particular file can be several.
When downloading a torrent file (which contains all the information that you want to download it must be run via P2P programs) please note how many people gives a particular file. It so happens that between two almost identical files in this respect there is a big difference. The greater the number seirously (seeds), the better.
People who have completely downloaded the file, now just give it away, called the seeds. At that time, as download – peers.
To increase the number of peers is often enough in comments under a torrent file write request with the request to positionate (to distribute). Those who are free, not delete a file and not currently distributes many other files, can respond to your request.
Also you can just wait until the number of peers will decrease and the number of seeders will increase. That is, when people take the file and will start the distribution.
Ask your friends or users with similar tastes to download this file and stay in the hand. This is useful if the connection speed is higher and for download will not require much time.
You can find the same hand with the same checksum of the torrent file. That is, exactly the same content on other trackers. This torrent file also need to add in the P2P program. This will increase the number of seeders. However, this method only works on public trackers. In private, where you require mandatory registration, it won't work.
Note that there are restrictions on the number of simultaneously connected clients using P2P software. Thus, if the website is seeding 100 users, this does not mean that they will give it to you.