You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - a ticket to the festival;
  • - ticket for train/bus;
  • - ticket of "Parking" for your own vehicle.
The rock festival will be held in the village of Great Zavidovo in the Tver region. Therefore, in order to reach "Invasion-2012" should be reached Tver. Before the city goes all kinds of transport: buses, trains and long distance trains. Decide how you prefer to be on the "Invasion".
On long distance train you can reach Invasion 2012 from Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, St.-Petersburg, Great Novgorod, Pskov. Final destination, in this case the railway station of Tver.
Next, take intercity bus No. 210, on the "Tver – Konakovo". Also the village followed the train Tver-Moscow. If you decide to go this way, get off at the station Reshetnikovo to change on an electric train to Konakovo (station "Konakovo Moss").
The village of Great Zavidovo can be reached by bus. This offer is valid for those who resides or should be on the festival "Nashestvie-2012" from Moscow. Buses depart from the metro station "Voykovskaya". Also from the capital will be organized special transfer "Moscow-the Invasion". To sit on a bus should be at the hotel "Cosmos", metro station "VDNKH".
Buses "Invasion" depart from the hotel "Cosmos" several times a day. Purchase tickets in advance on the website or in the official box office of the event, located at the entrance to the concert hall. The sixth of July buses will depart at 8, 12 and 16 o'clock Moscow time. Seventh: in 9 and 13 hours to the festival in 17 and 20 – from the festival. The eighth of July at 16.00 and 20.00 p.m. the buses will deliver spectators to Moscow.
Follow the motorway "Moscow – Saint-Petersburg", if you want to get to the invasion of 2012 on their own vehicles. Leave the highway at the sign "Konakovo", 115 km. be Sure to calculate the time taking into account numerous traffic jams and the required inspections. Remember to leave your car near the festival site, you need to buy a special ticket of "Parking".