You will need
  • respirator;
  • mesh or gauze;
  • - drugs prescribed by your doctor.
As you know, any kind of Allergy need to completely eliminate contact with the allergen. In the case of poplar fluff is almost impossible to do, if the regional municipal authorities do not care about the citizens, protect them from the Pooh by felling of poplars.
Before the advent of poplar fluff, a person suffering from allergies should see a doctor to get treatment recommendations. In early spring should take care of strengthening the immune system. To intervene in the functioning of the immune system alone is not recommended. If persons who do not suffer from allergies, you can take a multivitamin, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and pressed juices, allergies can all be contraindicated. Therefore, drugs, corrective immune system, can be prescribed only by the attending physician.
You also have to take antihistamines prescribed by the doctor to follow safety rules to minimize the negative impact of allergens, and stick to a special diet.
It is not necessary to go outside unnecessarily. If you need urgently to go somewhere, you should wear a respirator, to small pollen carried down, do not fall into the respiratory tract. If you hesitate to use a respirator, do not go outside from 11 to 17 hours, when the fluff flies are most active. Entering the room, immediately wash your face and sinuses, rinse your mouth and throat.
All the Windows in the apartment close fine mesh or gauze. Fluff flying in the hottest time of the year when ventilation is essential. You should take care to protect the housing from contact with allergens.
Every day you need to carry out wet cleaning. This will significantly reduce the risk of allergic reaction.
Pay special attention to the diet. To exclude fruits, carrots, celery, oatmeal, rice, pastries, sweets, sodas, breads from the flour. Do not smoke, refrain from caffeinated products, spices, mustard, mayonnaise, alcoholic beverages. Will exclude from the diet of the fish.