The web construction is often used the most accessible method of data encryption using built-in functions of programming languages. Among server-side languages PHP is most common today, which is designed to encrypt the function base64_encode. Encoded with its help, data can be decoded using the inverse function base64_decode. If you have the ability in his computer or on the web server to execute PHP scripts, create a simple code:

echo base64_decode(");

Between the quotation marks function base64_decode place the row of data you want to decrypt. Then save the code in a file with a php extension and then open that page via the browser to blank page you will see the decrypted data.
In the absence of the ability to execute php scripts, use the web form on one of the Internet sites link on the page given below. Encrypted data copy and paste in the box above the button Base 64 Decode. After clicking this button, you will see an additional field with the decrypted data - they can also be copied and used at their discretion.
If the encryption method is unknown, try to decode the data using one of the programs are able to sort through several algorithms. One such application is called "Stirlitz", does not require installation and is quite popular online, so to find it will not be difficult. The program tries to decrypt the data using the five encryption algorithms.
The latest versions of Windows operating systems allow you to encode all the files on a given disk or on all storage media of the computer. If it is necessary to decode data from a file, it is best to trust that the OS itself - turn off encryption in its settings, and Windows will overwrite all the data files in their unencrypted versions. To do this, press the Win button, type BitLocker in the search results list, select "BitLocker drive Encryption". Then click the link "turn Off BitLocker" next to the desired drive. After the system executes this command can open a file with previously encrypted data.