If you own a computer and basic skills in a graphics editor for image processing, the original variant can be an invitation that will host a collage of photos of the bride and groom surrounded by wedding paraphernalia. Next to the photo, place the text with the invitation and specifying the time and place of the celebration. Can also make each guest a card which will indicate the place of the celebration and how to reach him.
The invitation may be in the form of postcards, single or double, scrolls, books. Select shape postcard - rectangular, round, square, heart, shaped. If you are doing a single card, you can use 2-3 sheets of paper of different colors and sizes stacked on top of each other or glued to the base sheet strip of corrugated paper and decorate it with rhinestones or beads. The double postcard can pierce a hole punch and fasten a ribbon or satin to make a original clasp from the loops and buttons attached to the paper. An interesting option could be a scroll sealed with a wax seal or tied with a ribbon. Paper can be put through welding and lighters or decorate it with glitter.
The main image of the invitation, draw yourself with paints, crayons or markers, or use a template from the Internet. More time and patience will require the creation of a collage. For example, from dry twigs and flowers to gather a bouquet of foil cut glasses or rings of colored paper hearts, doves figurines, pieces of fabric and cardboard silhouettes of the bride and groom.
Your invitation can be rigorous and concise, without drawings and collages. Simply print on colored paper invitation text or write it yourself with a colored pen or ink.