Sum up the past stage. This part of the speech should be devoted to carefree childhood left behind. Mention about the skills and abilities that children about how they are important for future adult life.
Touch the future. Smoothly navigate to the immediate and distant years, and all that is connected with them. Talk about the importance of finding your path and choosing the classes that will give you the opportunity to translate dreams into reality. Students should understand that success does not come immediately - it needs to achieve, and it can be done only by hard work. Will have to rely only on their own strength.
Give tribute to high school knowledge. They are the Foundation for future career and personal life. They gave the children the opportunity to become a full person with their goals and aspirations.
Thank teachers. From knowledge learned from school, go to those who gave them to the disciples. Without the efforts of teachers, the learning process would not give the desired results, because that is their concern, efforts and desire to help in solving any problems helped children not only to perceive and assimilate the lessons, but also to prepare for independent living.
Remind students about the entry into independent life. The final part of the speech should be marked by the parting words from parents in General. Tell me that your children have grown up, and now you are ready to give them more expression, because they are becoming independent and productive members of society. But this imposes a certain responsibility, which is not to forget what you had to do in my life.