Choose rain cover for stroller in accordance with its design and size. If it is made according to the type of transformer, respectively, buy protective means for such a model. There are universal rainwear, suitable to different models of strollers. Before you buy ask the seller to wear the rain cover for the stroller, rate, properly, it protects it from moisture, provide sufficient adhesion to the surface.
Pay attention to the material of the raincoat. The most safe for the health of the child are considered textiles, not plastic, as the latter bad leak air, creating the stroller in the greenhouse effect and can crack in the cold.
If you are going to put the rain cover on the stroller, pull it out of the package and fully expand. The material should not have sharp odor, otherwise from the use of such things should be abandoned.
Please note that it is the upper part, which will be located on the face of the child, and where the bottom. At the top of the raincover should be a window in which you will be able to see the head of her baby.
The edges of the raincoat way mounting: Velcro fasteners, with the help of which you will use to fix protection from the rain. The window also closes with Velcro. Do not worry that the child will not have enough air, any rain cover should be provided with special holes for providing the flow of oxygen in the stroller. Ventilation usually is on the sides rather than the top, which also provides reliable protection of the baby.
Pay attention to the edges of the raincoat, they should have elastic for a tighter fit it to the stroller. If the rain cover is just hanging on the stroller, most likely, something you did wrong or missed one of the mounts. Check all fasteners. Wear a rain cover on the stroller so that her arm was free.