Advice 1: How to prepare for the thesis defense

One of the most critical moments for the entire period of study at the University - protection of the degree project. It becomes an indicator of your knowledge and skills, so preparation for it must be attentive and proactive.
Start preparing in advance. To write a speech for the protection of final qualifying work should begin at least six months before an important event. So you protect yourself from haste and force majeure, which arise with the approach of protection.
Review your thesis project. Knowledge of its content - the key to a successful defense. If you will you to gain your diploma, you will not have problems with answers to Commission questions, - do you just open the right section and confirm your professionalism accurate data.
Do not lose contact with the head of the graduation project. His experience will come in handy and will help not to drop a clanger before the Commission. Check with him every new version of protective speech, discuss the possibility of the presentation and any other issues.
The content of the speech should consist of three main paragraphs - introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction introduces the Commission with the project's topic and its relevance, according to the task set before you. Justify the choice of the subject and proceed to the next section.
The main part outlines the content of the Chapter degree. Describe the structure of the work, give a brief explanation about what is described in the sections. Remember that your task is not to retell the degree as to interest the members of the Commission and provide them to the court the results of your research.
In conclusion, tell us about the results achieved, the objectives and the conclusions to which you came. Increased professionalism will be the inclusion of several of your personal suggestions for improving the situation related to the problem posed in the diploma.
Read aloud the finished speech. It should take no more than seven minutes, otherwise the Commission simply will not allow you to finish your statement.
Be prepared for the questions that necessarily arise from the Commission. To know approximate circle, talk to the Director and will play at the pre-defense. This event is organized specifically to study the reaction of students and present teachers and also aid in correcting defects.

Advice 2: How to confirm Ukrainian diploma

In Russia and in other countries with a degree have the right to work is not only people who graduated from local universities and received their diplomas, but those who have studied in another country, for example, in Ukraine. But in some situations, this degree will need to confirm.
You will need
  • - copy of passport;
  • receipt of payment of duty;
  • Ukrainian certificate;
  • - translation of the diploma.
Ask your future or current employer if you really need to confirm the diploma. In many professions will be enough of your knowledge and skills without any additional procedures and checks. In the case where a diploma is required, for example, when working in the field of medicine, you will in any case have to confirm their document on higher education.
Prepare the necessary documents. Ukrainian diploma must be legalized, that is to put an apostille on it. This can be done by a notary. But if the lawyer refuses because of his ignorance of the Ukrainian language, you can contact the Ukrainian Embassy where your document will need to put the certifying seal. Also you will have to translate the diploma and the Annex thereto, after the apostille. The translation must be notarised and done by a certified translator, which can be found in various translation agencies.
Pay the fee for the paperwork. This can be done through any Bank. Details can be found on the website of Rosobrnadzor.
Contact Rosobrnadzor. This organization deals with confirmation of foreign diplomas, otherwise known as nostrification. To start, fill in the electronic application form posted on the official website of the organization you can Then transfer the documents to confirm personally coming to the office at the address: Moscow, street Ordzhonikidze, the house 11,building 9, office 13. If you are not in Moscow, then send the documents by mail to a different address 117997, Moscow, street Shabolovka, 33. Wait for clearance of the necessary documents on confirmation of a diploma, and then get it in person or by mail.
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In other countries, for example, in Europe, the acknowledgment of diplomas takes place following the same pattern. Typically, this involved Ministerstva education. To help you will be able the Russian Consulate in your country of choice.
Before the performance you will have to pull myself together and cope with anxiety. Hello members, remember to speak clearly and slowly. Don't be afraid if you stop, perhaps your project has been studied in advance, so the Commission may decide not to hear it until the end.
Useful advice
Observe the office dress code. Vivid, vulgar and other inappropriate costumes are not suitable for graduation.
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