It is important to understand that the monasteries have strict enough and demanding the execution of the Charter, to follow which is not easy. In addition, true Ministry requires complete renunciation. Well think about the words "full-denial", and before you make that decision, you should carefully listen to their feelings and appreciate the meaning of this step. If you suspect that you are insincere and insufficiently diligent, the Abbot (or abbess if the monastery is female) might find you are not ready to serve.
The laity in order to go to the monasteryto get the blessing from the priest. If you are an experienced Christian, attend Church regularly, I have long been a spiritual father, and he believes that you are ready to serve, then to him you will be easy. If you are in the very beginning, and religious experiences you do not yet have, this may take some time. The more sincere your desire and rather than you follow the advice of the spiritual father, the faster you get it.
There is another way. It is neither more complex nor longer – much depends on the circumstances. You need to come to the monastery and ask for blessings from the Abbot (abbess) to become workers. In most cases, people receive such a blessing, even if they are not baptized or even infidels. Novice takes some part in the divine service, the rest of the time working in a range of activities. The money he gets, he is provided with only accommodation and food, but if he shows his sincerity and diligence, it may well become one of the novices.