Select the University

At the faculty of journalism of all universities usually are in demand. Even in the commercial office, not to mention the budget, are not everyone. So if you still chose this path, pay attention to training. First of all, select your University and find out what his requirements are for students of journalism. Not be amiss and the information on competition on a speciality in previous years. This will allow you to realistically assess their own chances.
Find out the requirements

In the capital and large cities, the competition for places is always great. However, how to speak to the journalists, that doesn't always mean the quality of education. Therefore, examine the curriculum, find information on the teachers. You may be satisfied with the Institute in a small town. After making your selection, find out which exams you should pass. As a rule, Russian language and literature, but also foreign languages and social studies. Prepare for these items start for six months or a year before the selection Committee.
Prepare for exams

The journalist is, first and foremost, a practitioner. And skills to practical activity of the future students still check before entering. In most universities, in addition to the standard exams in the form of the exam, applicants undergo another test - a creative competition. Each institution establishes its own rules of its passage, and you need to know. But typically all require a creative folder, or portfolio. You must present your publications in the media, the results of scientific activities available certificates and decals. In addition, creative competition can include interviews, writing material "in real time" or other creative task.
Be a journalist

Make sure your creative folder was not empty, as in some cases it can play a crucial role. Students in senior classes are involved in creating wall Newspapers, which is also recorded. Please contact the editor of famous local newspaper in order to get the job. Not only will you be able to publish their materials, but also "taste" the profession they have chosen. As a rule, such publications are not paid, but you will get invaluable experience.