Advice 1: What to get husband for birthday

What to present a gift to your spouse on his birthday? Almost all men appreciate the things they can be useful for some things. It needs to be practical and sturdy item that they need today or in the future. You need to give the man that which corresponds to his present or future plans. How would men like to be modest on this account, and to receive gifts they are also nice, like women and children.

Gifts related to his passion. Many men usually have one or more Hobbies. So the gift associated with the hobby is likely to be welcomed. My husband will be very pleased that his significant other understands how important it is for him a favorite pastime. If your man belongs to the category of avid hunters or anglers, then a great gift would be a new backpack, compass, binoculars, thermos etc. the Athlete should appeal to sports glasses, various accessories for a particular sport, which deals with your spouse. If he is passionate about music, then give him a ticket for a performance of his favorite band. This may also include and various items for auto: the wallet of the driver, wrap with massage effect, car organizers, DVR. Gifts for a holiday house. You can give your spouse any electronic equipment, ranging from small TVs, gaming consoles and ending with the grinder. If your husband loves to wallow in a weekend of the TV, you can give the speakers to TV, headphones, movie theater or blanket with a pillow. Gave as a present to the ashtray with a special device "Atidim". Also you can surprise the wife with a gift for the interior - something that will look nice in the corner of the apartment where the beloved spends a lot of time. For example, it can be a stylish floor lamp or an elegant office chair that is wrapped in leather. Gifts for his work. Of course, this can be a variety of accessories that serve to create the business image. This can be a pen, a stylish briefcase, organizer, as well as a variety of home furnishings for the workplace: digital photo frame, floor vase, etc. Gifts for the appearance. Your husband will not abandon SPA products. For example, the kit can include shower gels, different scrubs, shaving foam, cooling gel for legs, etc. From clothes is to give underwear, shirts and suits (if you know the size), ties. In General, most men are happy when they give, and accessories such as wallets, belts, lighters, cufflinks. Whichever gift you choose, as long as it was presented from the heart and with love.

Advice 2: What to get husband sister's birthday

When a new family member, you need to try to establish the most warm and friendly relations. Therefore, when the sister there is the husband, you have him choose and give gifts for the holidays.

What to give for the birthday of my husband's sister, if no ideas really

If you aren't too familiar with each other, it is better to start with neutral gifts that are exactly like any man. This, for example, may be a computer device – a joystick for games, music speakers or a subwoofer, a webcam, or memory card.

If my sister's husband motorist, you can choose a car, GPS Navigator DVR, car TV or a Cape massager on the driver's seat.

In that case, if you know the musical preferences of the birthday boy, you can give two tickets to the concert of his favorite performer or a disk with musical notes.
If you choose artist it will be difficult, ask for help from your sister. Surely she knows the tastes of his beloved.

You can also give her husband a sister gym membership or pool and if the money to pay for travel to another city or countryside tour on the coming weekend.

In the case that the husband your wife enjoys fishing, it can be safely give a variety of fishing tackle, but it will be nice if you do, a little bit will understand this issue or consult with a specialist.

If you are familiar with for many years

It also happens that you are my husband and sisters have long been familiar, fairly close contact, and the relationship you have a pretty familiar way. In this case, a good option for a gift would be a sweater or shirt.
In order not to miscalculate the size, you can ask the sister to accompany you while shopping or to get her to try on a shirt of her husband.

We must not forget that men are big kids. It is very likely that the birthday boy will be happy funny t-shirt or a funny ashtray.

A good gift will be a beautiful towel in a gift box, men's Bathrobe and other bath accessories (the same broom, for example, or Slippers).

It is not necessary to give

But there are things that do not give. In the first place, that knives and other sharp objects. Having decided to give hunting knife, grab him with birthday a couple of cents.

You should also not buy a watch. It is believed that the gift precedes the breakup.

Not to give too intimate things – underwear, socks and the like. Better let such things does the wife of the birthday boy.

If you are still in doubt with the choice of a gift, feel free to consult with her sister. Surely she knows what her husband wants, and will not give him what you are going to give on his birthday.
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