Advice 1: What is the impact of the pill on the fetus

Despite the high efficacy of hormonal contraception in some cases pregnancy while taking birth control pills still occurs. However, it is detected immediately, and the woman continues to be protected with the using oral contraceptives for at least a month. In this regard, moms are often the question arises: how will the intake of synthetic hormones on the fetus?

Recently, it was thought that the pregnancy was on the background of reception of hormonal preparations, it is advisable to interrupt. It was assumed that the teratogenic effect of the pill adversely affects the fetus, causing various pathologies of development of organs, including genital, heart and limbs, as well as possible psevdogermafroditizm. However, recent studies show that in most cases the administration of oral contraceptives has no harmful effects on the embryo and does not cause any abnormalities. However, the hormones included in oral contraceptives, can change the vitamin-mineral balance of an organism of future mothers, in particular, prevent the normal absorption of folic acid, vitamin C and other micro - and macroelements, promote increased absorption of vitamin A, which in large quantities has a toxic effect on the fetus. Therefore, if you suspect pregnancy should immediately stop taking hormonal drugs as soon as possible to go to the doctor and be sure to tell him that for contraception used the pill. When taking oral contraceptives in early pregnancy events can develop in 2 variants. In the first case, which the vast majority, birth control pills do not affect the fetus, the pregnancy is preserved and progresses. In the second embodiment, the hormone can cause embryo damage, as a result of which he dies, and the pregnancy will be interrupted. However, most often this is due to the individual characteristics of the organism of a pregnant woman, a high dose of hormones that is parallel to the other medications that are incompatible with the contraceptive pill, and other negative factors, so to speak unequivocally about the destructive effects of hormonal drugs on the fetus can not. Today the influence of the hormonal drugs on fetal development are understudied. It is unknown whether the administration of oral contraceptives in early pregnancy harm the baby, cause abnormalities in its development or fetal death. Also, there is no reliable data about what fetal abnormalities are associated with contraceptive pills. But in any case, pregnancy is a reason to urgently stop taking oral contraceptives.

Advice 2: What is the impact of contraception on the body

Oral contraceptives – one of the most popular means to prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, like any pill, contraceptives have their side effects, which you need to know before you start to use them.
The pill is 99% protection from pregnancy. In addition, they have other very useful for the female body. In women with unstable menstrual cycle they contribute to its stabilization. Also due to the low content of hormones in oral contraceptives can help with the treatment of diseases such as acne, seborrhea, increased hair on the body of male type. However, be careful: addictive to hormonal contraceptives may increase the activity of sebaceous glands and lead to the deterioration of the skin.
One of the most popular female phobias when choosing birth control pills – the fear that these pills will increase body mass. In fact, fear should not excess weight. The hormone estrogen found in many drugs, contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. In the end, step on the scale, you may find one or two extra pounds, however it will be only water. A greater danger is the fact that it could lead to the development of cellulite.
Women who for a long time took oral contraceptives, and then abandoned them in the hope to conceive a child for some time may not come pregnancy. This dysfunction is temporary for a few months the body will likely be back to normal and the reproductive functions will be restored in full.
In some cases, birth control drugs increase the risk of blood clots. Therefore, smokers, women over thirty-five years, doctors recommended to choose other means of contraception.
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Before using oral contraceptives seek the advice of your gynecologist. The doctor will do the necessary tests and advise what the pills will not cause any side effects and will suit you.
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