You will need
  • - cold water;
  • - vinegar;
  • - earthenware.
The souring of the soup depends on the ingredients that are included. These products and vegetables like tomatoes - tomato paste, garlic, fermented(pickled) cabbage, semolina, millet, rice, flour products, may contribute to the acceleration of the process of souring soups. Therefore, it is necessary, as little as possible or not to add these products in the preparation of soups.
The soup should be meat without bones. Greens should be pre-washed and dried, only then you can lay it in the soup. For soups, you can apply the way with vinegar. A few drops of vinegar will help reduce the risk of souring the soup.
After the soups, we need to leave, and the rest to cool with sinks(bathroom) and cold water. you need to fill the bath or sink with cold water and put the pot so the soup cooled down faster. Periodically, you need to change the heated water.
Sink with water
During cooling, cover the pot must be tightly covered, that it was not possible to get various kinds of bacteria.
Usually, in enamelled and aluminium pots, soup spoil faster. In this case, the soup should be poured into dishes made of clay, porcelain.
Pot with a tightly covered lid
Mix soups should only dry as with rinsing, it is sufficient a single drop of tap water, so the soup had soured.