Indoors cause "dead zones may be concrete walls and floors that might obstruct the radiosignal. This is especially true for basements. To help in this case, you can install a special amplifier cell signaland or a repeater.
The distance between the internal and external antenna should not be less than 20 m. the Use of repeaters is especially important for vacation homes and rural areas.
On the roof of the building, install an external antenna (a small device that is sold in the store). Send her to the nearest and least loaded base station of the operator of cellular communication.
The external antenna is connected by cable to an amplifier, cell signal. Adopted and amplified signal is supplied to network, GSM device, modem or mobile phone. If the area is large, you can install multiple internal antennas and the power divider. Such antennas are usually mounted on the ceiling.
A repeater is an antenna amplifier cellular signal. Included with it are the external antenna, one or more internal antennas and the power divider. Connect all this equipment is coaxial cable.
If there is a need to ensure that the signalissued a few houses or premises with an area of more than 10,000 sq m required installation of repeater high power, and in some cases you will have to use a booster device for intensifying action the primary mechanism, in this case repeater.
Amplifiers the signaland the cellular network is absolutely harmless to human health. The power of radiation five times less the power of a regular mobile phone.