You will need
  • A piece of chiffon selected size.
Position the fabric exactly. Smoothen the edges by hand or on a typewriter overlocker or garter stitch. Note that when sewing by hand you will have to handle from 560 see fabric, that is more than five meters. If you don't have so much time and effort, better to use the machine.
Place the cloth wide side around the hips or waist and tie. Pareo is ready.
If you failed to get a piece of fabric the desired length, you can combine two or more similar or contrasting color. Select range you can according to your taste, but preferred the large canvases of the fabric, otherwise the seams will spoil the overall light, airy impression
The edges of each leaf, then sostrochite seam "over the edge" by hand or on a typewriter (as in the first case, consider your time and effort). Try to make the seam invisible, as the fabric pareo transparent. Can camouflage it with braid or satin ribbon, and for beauty to sew some more strips of ribbon or tape vertically on the canvas.
For the beauty of the edges not only seam, but additionally with bias binding or braid. While ornaments should be few, so that they are not attached pareo severity of any direct or figuratively.