Age cares any man. In appearance, it's easy to determine how much this citizen years. But the bowl appearance does not match the age. The degree of aging of a person depends on his biological age and the number of years lived, can't say about the present age. A test of biological age, electronic, specially designed for this scale. They will calculate all the parameters and determine how many years they correspond to. The results can be for some people very enjoyable. Self-assessment of biological age of individual systems and organs, there are specially designed tests. Age skin to Pinch skin with thumb and index finger on the back of her hands and try to lightly delay of about five seconds. If after pinching the skin returns to its original position after 5 seconds and less, therefore, the age of the skin under the age of 45 years if it will happen in six or fifteen seconds – the biological age of the skin more than 60 years Age the eyes Need to bring the newspaper closer to the eyes and to measure, from what distance people will be able to read it. Ten inches from the eye, his biological age not more than 21 years, 34 distance becomes 14 cm, but in 60 years the newspaper will have to move about 1 meter. The speed of reaction To this exercise will require a partner and a 40-centimeter ruler. To stand, stretching his hand forward, palm turning inward, fingers straight. Partner must place the ruler at a distance of one to two inches parallel to the palm of your hand, its zero point positioning at the bottom edge of the palm, is thus determined by the speed of reaction. Partner utters the command "Attention" and down the line. The subject needs to hold its line, fingers clenched into a fist. If the line stopped at 12 cm – the age of the person corresponds to 20 years, but 25 and below, he is older than 60 years. Balance This test is best done three times at intervals of five minutes. Stand on one foot without shoes with my eyes closed. The second leg should be is preloaded, hands splayed or lowered along the trunk. If you were able to stand for thirty seconds, you are still young, and if you managed to stay only 5 seconds or less, then the body begins to age and it is necessary to accept emergency measures: healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, youthfulness of spirit, may help to change the situation.