Advice 1: How to calculate vacation pay to the employee

According to the Labour code (Chapter 19, article 114), each person working under the employment contract, is entitled to annual paid leave for 28 calendar days. This leave may be extended in the case of work in the far North and equivalent areas (Chapter 19, p. 116). Going on vacation, the employee may be calm to save a position and salary, as this aspect is provided by the Federal law. Also the officer put the payment, but rather the holiday. The organization is obliged to pay the amount not later than three days before the statutory holiday.
To calculate holiday pay, you must first calculate the average monthly earnings. This sum salary for a specified period, for example 6 months.
Now divide by the number of months worked. So you will receive the average monthly wage.
Then the number you divide by 29.4 and multiply by the number of the statutory holiday, for example, 28. The resulting figure will be the amount of vacation.

Advice 2: How to calculate vacation pay to the employee

Vacation is a special type of payments, which is dedicated to the release of the employee on leave. And certainly, this is one of the most anticipated payments to any employee. To calculate the amount of these payments quite easily.
You will need
  • -Knowledge of the average daily earnings of the employee;
  • -Waste worker period.
To calculate the average daily earnings of the employee, it is necessary to divide the entire amount of the employee's earnings over the past year to 12 months, and then the resulting amount divided besides 29.4 (this is the approximate number of days in the month).
For example, the employee received last year monthly 30000 rubles. Then 30000/29,4 = 1020,41 RUB.
Usually, employees are granted leave with a volume of 28 calendar days. In this case, according to calculations from the last step, the output will be calculated:
1020,41*28 = 28571,43 RUB.
If paid annual leave includes public holidays, it shall be extended on quantity, but the payment for these days is not charged (Chapter 19 ст128).
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