Of course, now much more convenient to distribute than it was before, because there are pre-planned pull-out compartment Cabinet for flatware, but the most beautiful glass and porcelain set, a gift for a housewarming party, it is best to place on the shelves behind the glass doors. In fact, they're really will look much better than if it were composed of simple plates or salad bowls. Although, if salad bowls and sweets bowls are a work of glass art, it is possible to place behind the glass, but the crockery and glasses better.
In the bottom cabinets it would be wiser to make large utensils: pans, pots, cutting boards. As a rule, there will eventually be even a lot more small things like graters, manual juicers and plastic pallets under fruits and vegetables.
Upstairs is sure to be some cabinets with regular doors, not glass, and there can be, for example, plates, favorite mugs with cats or funny phrases.
In the space between the upper and lower cabinets, which necessarily will take plate, can harmoniously arrange the appliances needed or available to You. For example, a toaster or an electric juicer. Beautiful kitchen will never spoil even a neat pot that will fit, even if you place it right next to the electric kettle.
Finally, in the same space where will be located the electric kettle and other household appliances, it is best to put the base with knives. This is much easier than to keep all the essential knives in the drawers.