You will need
  • Towel, lube.
The penis consists of three chambers: one small and two large bottom from the top. The lower chamber is for urinating and ejaculating, but the top two for erection. It is their need to increase. The task is this: to destroy the erectile tissues that make up the top of the camera. The destroyed cells will be replaced with new, and the body will grow.
Now, after a small anatomy course, we suggest you to measure your body to know exactly where you started. Take a ruler and record the size. Measurements need to be performed weekly to observe progress.
Before any exercise session, an important preparatory procedure, and before that you need to do lubrication and warming. So as not to damage the fabric, you need warming up, and for those exercises where you don't need the clear positioning, will need lubrication. To warm, take a towel of medium size and soak in hot water. Check whether optimum temperature, attaching to the stomach. After that one should wrap around the shaft of the penis towel and leave for 3-5 minutes. Warming is an important step, as it increases the blood flow. After the expiration of 3-5 minutes to dry the penis with a dry towel.
After warming up it's time to practice. The first exercise is stretching. It is to grab the penis right below the head to pull him away. But remember not to overdo it. This exercise helps to lengthen and develop the ligaments, and this, in turn, will lead to elongation of the body.
The second exercise has deep Arabic roots. It is called "jelq", which translated means "milking". I think the name speaks for itself in this case. For this exercise you will need a lubricant for lubrication of the member. This exercise is better to make polustanke the penis for maximum effectiveness.
If there is pain, stop. Doing these exercises regularly to achieve the desired effect, but without fanaticism. Like any muscle, the penis needs time to recover.