To make their own original outfit, original you should choose jeanswhich you will turn in the fashion of a wash. Attention, if you are a beginner, then first experiment on a small piece of fabric or old clothes.
In the next stage, heat the water, but do not boil. Then fill with "Whiteness", which can be purchased in any store household chemicals. This tool is poured at the rate of one Cup per bucket of water or 100 g, if using dry matter. Mix the solution well, bring to a boil and immerse the prepared jeans.
Jeans should be prepared in the following way. Twist them along the legs, as if squeezing. This will allow you to get vertical streaks. To obtain the effect of the stars, pull tissues money gums.
Time boiling jeans is individually determined experimentally and depends on the color you wish to obtain, and the quality of the fabric. The boiling time varies from 15 minutes to a half hour.
Once you decide that the desired effect is achieved, remove the jeans from the solution and put under cold water, release the clips and rinse well.