Be unhappy. Do not hide your feelings in front of loved ones. He might understand that you consider yourself guilty, and will be kinder to you.
Let him calm down after a quarrel with you. Men are quick-tempered, but quickly depart. He'll think about it and maybe you will understand that you are not to blame.
Explain to him why you did or did. Be prepared for the fact that he'll tell all he thinks. If you're really not to blame, and you poured the dirt, try to explain that he is wrong.
Cook him his favorite dish, so to speak, to appease him. The dish, of course, dessert.
Try to cheer him up with a joke. Invite him to a movie or give him tickets, for example, football. Or just ask him to meet his friends.
After all of the above go to the man, give him a hug and ask for forgiveness. After all, you do realized, and henceforth it does not happen again. You promise.