You will need
  • Internet access
  • calculator
  • Notepad and pen
  • scales (to determine weight)
  • the tape or tape measure (to determine size of the load)
Define the distance between points of delivery. If the transportation is long distance and by car, this distance should be doubled, as the road back is also included in the cost of delivery.
Define the distance between the points <strong>shipping</strong>
Find out the cost of transportation over one kilometre. The easiest way to find out is to consult the Internet or call the firm to engage in the transportation of cargo. You can also use various printed publications or ask friends who recently ordered the delivery of the goods.
Find out <b>price</b> carriage per kilometer
Determine the weight of the load. If it exceeds the permissible limits, then the cost will be somewhat higher because the package will be transported under any other conditions. For example, other transport, able to carry more weight.
Pay attention to the dimensions. For oversized loads also will have to pay because of a change of transport.
Determine how urgently you need to deliver a package. In case it needs to be done as quickly as possible, it is best to use a courier service. Almost all firms now have the opportunity to do it. But the price of shipping will increase significantly.
Determine the need for additional services, under which pay increases. In different firms the range of additional services varies considerably. This can be packaging, protection of goods, insurance, registration documents of the firm. Often this situation occurs when the transport of bulky and heavy cargoes.
Calculate the total cost of delivery. Distance is multiplied by the cost of one kilometer of the carriage, is then multiplied by the weight of the parcel and added an incremental cost for overweight, oversized cargo or extra services (if any).