"Collecting" of the horse is its balance under the rider. The essence of this technique is that the horse is bent right out the spine and down the rear legs under its body. She lowers her head in the nape slightly elevated neck. It is obvious that along with this change, and frame of the horse: it is like going in an elastic spring. "Gathering" is correct, when the direction of the horse's head almost vertically.
Do not think that such training is something harmful to the horse. On the contrary, "the collection" develops the animal's posture, ease, improves balance, makes the horse easier.
Collect the horse by using reins and schenkel. The leg is inside leg of the rider from the knee to the foot. Action the Twister are the pressure feet on the horse's flanks. Thus, each message it forwards and the rear part of the barrel.
Get the horse to bring the hind legs with bent and elastic joints under the body with short but frequent action own seat and schenkel, which move a horse forward in a more limiting matter. For "gathering" the horse steps with the calves must be uniform. The animal's head should be flexed slightly raised neck. Submit your own body from the waist forward a little, turn up the pressure schenkel and slightly dial the reins.
However, note that the back legs of the animal should not be brought too far forward. The neck should be freely raised, forming an arc from withers to occiput. The status of the "fee" is regulated by schenkel and reason, but their constant interaction creates a dynamic balance of the horse.