Advice 1: How to transfer exam scores

The unified state exam (EGE) is centrally held in Russia exam in secondary schools — lyceums and schools. The exam is considered a final examination from school and entrance examination to colleges and universities. Throughout the Russian Federation while conducting such exam uses the same type of tasks and uniform methods for exposure assessments of the quality of the work.
As you know, each task performed during the exam, will be assessed a certain number of points. During the processing of exam results at the first stage calculates a primary score – the simple sum of all points earned for correctly completed tasks. Next, you need to translate the primary points in the test. This is used quite a sophisticated technique.
For each subject installed two normative values raw score – the so-called boundary values. The first boundary value is the minimum number of points that you need to press so the exam is recognized successfully commissioned. The second limit value is higher. Those who have a raw score equal to the second boundary value or exceeds it, are characterized as graduates with a high level of knowledge. For example, in 2011, the first boundary in the Russian language – 17, the second boundary value is 50.
Further, among those who passed the exam in the previous year choose two, whose raw score closest to the first boundary value (one – a little less than the primary score and the second a little more). Calculate the arithmetic average of these two numbers, so get your test score the previous year, the corresponding test score of the year. Minimum initial score is assigned the value 0, the maximum of primary points is set to 100. Based on the scale of intermediate initial points are translated to the test.

Advice 2: How to translate the exam scores into assessments

Until 2009, the results of the exam affect the final grade in the certificate, so the scores were translated into grades. Now exam scores in evaluations does not translate, but in 2008, it is possible to determine the grade for the score achieved on the exam.

Exam scores in the assessment on a scale can be translated in the following subjects.
You will need
  • The certificate on results of Unified state examination
Math. "Excellent" was set for those who got more than 72 points. From 54 to 71 points – the rating "4". A satisfactory record for points from 38 to 53. While 37 points is written by the losers.
Russian language. Rating "5" is the result of the exam more than 67 points, good - from 50 to 66, "satisfactory" - from 31 to 49, and "unsatisfactory" to 30 points.
Literature. "A" was estimated from the results of the 67 points on four - from 52 to 66, on three - from 37 to 51, for "two" - to 36.
Foreign languages. Excellent knowledge of English, German, French, Spanish languages was required to score 84 points, the evaluation "4" - from 59 to 83 for 3 is from 31 to 58, and the rating "2" was set for those who scored up to 30 points.
Biology. Graduates and students who wrote the exam on this subject from 67 points were assessed as "excellent", a rating of "4" were intended to have written from 50 to 66 points, 3 is from 32 to 49, "2" - up to 31 points.
Social studies. The result of the exam to 61 points was evaluated as "excellent", 48 to 60 – well, from 34 to 47 – "satisfactory" and 33 points – "unsatisfactory".
Chemistry. In order to show the excellent knowledge of chemical formulas, the periodic table and the decision of the tasks required to score 67 points, the evaluation "4" - from 50 to 66, for "3" - from 31 to 49 and "2" - up to 30 points.
Physics. "Five" - 70 points, four - from 56 to 69, three - from 41 to 55, two to 40.
Geography. The highest rating is suitable for the result of the exam from 68 points, good - from 52 to 67, "satisfactory" - from 36 to 51 points, and "unsatisfactory" to 35.
History. 70 points is "excellent", a score between 59 and 69 points, can boast of the b, from 30 to 58 is "three" and up to 29 points – "2".
Informatics. Excellent writing with the result of the exam from 78 points, b – 67 to 77, Threeness from 37 to 66 and losers to 36 points.
The transfer of points of unified state examination in the evaluation is required only to represent their knowledge in a more convenient way – a five-point scale, which are used by students and teachers. Do not be upset, if in any subject obtained low rating, because the University requires a total score on all exams.
For example, if the minimum raw score of 17 and a maximum raw score of 50, the result of the described calculation procedure 17 points will be assigned the value 0, and 50 points will correspond to 100. The resulting scale used to translate individual raw score in the test. In our example, those who scored 17 and less primary points the result of the scaling test will receive 0 points. Those who scored 50 or more raw score will receive 100 test points. Respectively, scored 36 points will receive 50 points, etc.
Useful advice
For conversion raw score in the test uses a special complex formula that allows to calculate with accuracy to hundredths. The obtained results are rounded to the nearest whole number. This number is the final outcome of the examination results.
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