Advice 1: How to take the first step towards a man

The modern way of life dictates its own rules of conduct. But still not everyone is able to get rid of the "ancient", the universally recognized standards and to keep pace with the times. For example, since the last century, men were obliged to take the first step, to care, protect and give flowers to the woman. And so it is hard to understand now that a woman can do it too (and sometimes should). And if you like the man, the first to take the initiative is not ashamed.
You will need
  • Courage, confidence, determination, charm.
Let's say that you like a work colleague, neighbour or are you just fascinated by some stranger. This is not so important. The important thing is that you liked a man who does not know about it. First you need to try to establish contact with him, that is to talk. You still don't know what this man is, and, perhaps, the first conversation may fail, or, on the contrary, the person will be very sociable and communicative, and you will have the feeling that you already know each other. Try to be something of interest. The most harmless way, especially when you are talking for the first time, is the ability to listen, and men love it very much. Therefore, the first conversation, the most important thing is to listen, ask questions, inquire about his life, Hobbies, friends, etc. to Tell about itself not necessarily, or rather, prohibited. A few harmless phrases about a happy childhood, or everyday life will be enough.
But if you are already familiar with the man and you have formed good friendships, and you still do not dare to tell him of his sympathy, we need to resort to heavy artillery. The ability to speak and communicate is not enough. Many people know that men appreciate sincerity and openness, so you can feel free to Express their tender feelings and sympathy. Tell him about it, gently and unobtrusively. First, it would be very nice, and secondly, he will look at you other eyes. Maybe not immediately, but eventually - definitely. Feel free to talk about what you think and feel, be confident. He probably felt towards you the same thing, but did not dare to say. Take the initiative into their own hands and act.

Advice 2: As a first step to male

Traditionally, the first step to an acquaintance or beginning of a relationship men do, but they are hardly interested in the woman, which is not located to communication and flirting. In addition, males are just scared of a beautiful girl for fear of rejection. Then you have to take the initiative in their hands.
Before proceeding into action, you need to be assertive. To not worry about how to look at your silhouette from the side, take care of appearance in advance. Visit the gym, hair done, in General, give your body a well-groomed appearance. As for clothes, she should not be calling, but rather a little exciting and flattering your figure.
To attract the attention of any men, use main weapon – look and smile. The look can be quick, but accurate, or long-lasting, which would look spectacular with Flirty tilting strands of hair. Smile should be natural and easy.
If he was paying attention to you, go to the trick, for example, asking him to help. The situation may be different – to help fill the document, choose a book in the store or just to find the way. Self-respecting man will respond to the request. Maybe he still will thank you for it, because at the same time puzzled, hoping to speak with you.
If you meet the same person several times and felt him burning interest, to take the first step, perhaps, will be even easier. At each meeting, greet him with a smile, a nod of the head or the traditional "good day". Depending on where you most often see each other, identify your common interests: a love of music, literature, sporting events or theatrical productions. Example the first sentence might be: "hi, great show, isn't it? And as you previous one?..."
In your environment there is a man with whom you are talking for a long time, but the relationship is "stuck" at the stage of friendship? Tell him about your feelings, but unobtrusive. For example, the next time you tell a joke, tell him "I like You", but as if you said, "you Have a beautiful tie." Anyway, he will remember these words and will probably look at you with different eyes.
In any case do not tell the man about his past experience, especially if he has been very successful. Actually, forget about that, and he doesn't need to know.
Useful advice
Not to push away from your object of adoration, we should not rush to him with the big words, like "I love you" or "have long to live without you." It looks ridiculous and absurd, and man may be frightened.
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