But be sure to seek the services of companies to create their own lineage, because their work is, of course, will not be free, and thus there is no guarantee that you will get true genealogical tree of your family? Of course you can do this yourself, the more that lesson is really interesting.
So, you decided to establish his ancestry. Where to start? First and foremost, of course, it is better to appeal to the most senior relatives, because who else will they be able to tell you about all the family connections and relationships.
In addition, it is useful in compiling a genealogy is to study old family photos, documents and letters, from which you can learn a lot.
To organize all of the collected about relatives information, you can use a family tree diagram consisting of rectangles or circles with the names of relatives, connected between themselves in accordance with kinship ties. you can start the tree with the oldest ancestors known to you, gradually moving from them to younger generations, but is likely to be easier to restore this relationship, starting with yourself and moving to their parents, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
Because all the information on the family tree you fit will fail and lose her mind, you can make individual cards for each of the relatives listed in the scheme.
The more time you dedicate to creating his pedigree, the greater becomes your family tree, the clearer it will be for you all related communications between members of your family. The resulting scheme together with the individual cards, you can beautifully arrange and place them in a family archive, in order for the family tree continued your children and grandchildren.