Advice 1: How to breed goat milk

The best milk for infant feeding is breast milk. However, for various reasons, the mother may not have milk, feed the baby need. This files most often as a substitute for breast milk use the milk from the cow. Is it possible to give the child goat's milk? Often kids with an Allergy to cow milk protein tolerate milk from goats. However, be aware that infants goat's milk should be diluted.
You will need
    • Pot, stainless steel or enameled
    • gauze for straining
Strain fresh milk through gauze. Pour it in a pan with the addition of water.
Dilute the milk in the ratio 1:1 with water for young children. Dilute goat's milk is necessary because it is more concentrated on mineral substances in comparison with women's milk. Start giving milk by teaspoonful. If skin reactions will not be the child normally acquires milk, can gradually increase the portions.
Put the saucepan on heat and bring to a boil. Cool the milk at room temperature. Small children can only drink boiled milk. Older children and adults healthier to drink whole milk.

Advice 2: How to dilute goat's milk

People with certain types of diseases, it is advisable to eat goat's milk, however, it is also recommended and those who are healthy. This product is amazingly rich in nutrients, and therefore is applied when artificial rearing of children. However, goat's milk is very fatty, you need to dilute it.
Goat's milk, considered a cure for many ills: strengthens the immune system, regulates hormones in the body and so on. Compared to cow's milk, goat's closer to human milk and contains even more mineral substances. Therefore, in order not to burden the child's body extra minerals, to exclude the possibility of allergic reactions patients and weak people, it is recommended that before use, dilute the goat milk.
If you use goat's milk as complementary foods to a baby, then listen to the advice of experts who recommend to bring it the consistency of salt to breast milk. To do this, mix in a clean container with four parts water and one part milk.
It used for baby food and dietary goat milk has also bred other way. Pour into the container of three parts warm boiled water and stir, pour in one part goat. A homogeneous liquid with a blue tint. This mixture can be given not only to children but also the sick, the milk will not give a significant load on the liver and stomach. A week later, the milk concentration increase, provided that the person tolerates it. To three parts of water add two parts of milk.
Dilute the goat milk is not only water, but also rice or oatmeal broth. This mixture is very useful for stomach, strengthens the immune system. Introduce such mixtures in the diet of the General rules - start with one or two tablespoons a day. You can gradually increase the amount and concentration of milk to bring to the limits: two parts milk to one part water. Each day you can subtract 5 g of water and add 5 g of milk.
After a month of use take a break and do the tests on hemoglobin, some of it may fall, as in the milk of goats, low levels of folic acid, iron and other important vitamins.
Goat milk enter into the diet in small doses and always diluted.

Goat's milk, properly diluted, may not be the only product in the diet of crumbs.

It is advisable to amend the child nutrition this "precious" product after 9 months of life. And after 12 months you can try undiluted goat's milk or cooking of porridge based on it. It is advisable to give the baby is not more than 100 g per day.
If you are planning to buy baby feeding goat's milk and are going to purchase it from individuals, pre-determine the conditions in which the animal;

When buying store-bought milk carefully check the date of production and shelf life of the product.
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