To obtain a printout of not only calls, but also SMS, MMS and Internet sessions at the operator "MTS" thanks to the service "Mobile detailing". Use it by dialing a toll-free number *111*551#, *111*556# or opening a "Mobile portal". In addition, the drilling will be available to you by SMS: simply send a text 556 on number 1771. "Mobile detailing" from the company "MTS" is free of charge, no subscription fee.
The communication operator "Beeline" has a similar service called "bill details". With its help, you can learn the numbersyou dialled, and incoming; provides information about the duration of calls, their type (cell or landline, for example), the date of calls, time of sending messages (as SMS and voice). To obtain information about your account on the website of the operator, the customer. Also you can send your written application by Fax (495) 974-5996 or Inbox Don't forget that when you contact the operator's office with you will need to have a passport.
To obtain a printout of the offer, the time of the adoption of SMS, MMS and information about GPRS sessions is possible and the operator "MegaFon". To drill down further using the "Service Guide" on the official website of "MegaFon", or the offices of the company.