You first need to determine the front of work. Calculate how much you can spend on it. Narrow down your requirements. Decide for yourself what color interior will you be covered panels which seat you want to put. Only then begin to purchase materials.
Disassemble your old salon. To do this, first remove the seat. The withdrawal process is pretty simple. You need to Unscrew the bolts that secure the rails. Withdraw the instrument panel together with the torpedo. She is also attached on a few bolts. Disassemble the door panels.
Start finish salon with a strip of carpet on the floor. Many motorists make the mistake of making normal carpet or linoleum. On the floor it is necessary to lay only special material, which is designed for this. You can buy it in the shop for drivers and tuning.
Filmed shot and panel is glued with leatherette or kozhvinila . In the second case, the purchase will cost more. Also you can replace all the dashboard is from another car. From the classic series of cars VAZ, the best solution to the torpedo is the VAZ 2106. The torpedo glued with a special adhesive. You can also use liquid nails.
Panels for the doors can not be pasted. Coating them perfectly sit on staples construction staples. In this case, you must be good to pull the cover to prevent irregularities.
After completion of all work in the cabin, put the seat. If you put your old seats, get them nice covers. Also you can buy cheap seats of cars and digested rails, put. This option will look much more aesthetic.