In order to maximize the speed when surfing the web, disable the display of images in your Internet browser. Conceived this picture represent half of the traffic that we load on to the computer. If we disable the option to upload pictures, include lock Windows that pop up and disable support for java and flash, speed web surfing is growing at least two or three times.
If you need to upload any amount of information, remember that any load on the connection channel to the Internet reduces the available speed. So if you upload a file, make sure that your web browser has been closed and all downloads that are currently being implemented was stopped.
The best option when downloading large amounts over the Internet is to use a torrent client. But in this case requires a special setting. First, set the maximum client download torrents. Do not open the browser to surf the web. Using the settings, adjust the number of concurrent connections to be the same as many, set the number of simultaneous downloads and the outputs is equal to one. Don't forget to minimize the upload speed by setting its value equal to one kilobit per second. This will increase the free space inside the channel, maximise download speed.