Advice 1: How to sew a tulle skirt

Lush tulle skirts are popular with little girls dreaming of a dress "like a Princess" or "like a ballerina" and adults fashionistas. But to sew a skirt of tulle is quite simple: it does not require any special skills or even a sewing machine. How to do it?
The most time consuming (although quite simple) operation is the cutting of the fabric. Of tulle cut into strips with a width of 20-25 cm and a length equal to twice the length of your future skirt. The resulting segments fold in half (along the length). These strips you'll need at least fifty. If you want the skirt was thicker and resembled a pack, increase the amount of tissue.
How to sew a tulle skirt
Measure the width of your waist, subtract three to four inches and cut a piece of elastic of appropriate length. The ends of an elastic band sew or tie a strong knot.
How to sew a tulle skirt
Take a tulle strip and tie it with a knot on the elastic. The site should be fairly tight, but "pinch" the gum is not worth it, otherwise belt will lose elasticity. Strive to ensure that both ends of the strip were approximately the same length.
How to sew a tulle skirt
Consistently objazyvaet elastic lengths of tulle as long as not using all the prepared fabric. You can alternate stripes of different colors to the skirt it was a motley or striped.
How to sew a tulle skirt
Distribute the segments evenly on the elastic band to the tulle skirt was equally lush on all sides and trim the ends of the fabric with scissors. The waist of the finished skirt can be decorated with ribbons, a bow or artificial flowers, matching fabric or rosettes made from the remnants of tulle.
How to sew a tulle skirt

Advice 2: How to sew a train

Plume dresses - long by 20 cm or more back of the skirt, creeping along the floor. Motion ladies in a dress with a train is very limited: you can only go forward, sit down or dance with a train of a certain cut is impossible. However, this decoration creates a strong impression and gives harmony to the bearer of the dress.
There are several types of cut. First option: make casting a wedge in the back seam. The step length will increase. The length of the wedge must be greater than the length of the main skirt to the length of the train. The bottom make smooth, rounded line.
Instead, you can extend the rear Central seam at the required length. Do not forget the pattern to take into account the allowance for processing (1-2 cm). Similarly lengthen and widen the side seams. The bottom line also needs to be rounded, but in the simulation it is possible to encapsulate it in a obtuse triangle, or another shape, depending on the model of the dress.
To the bottom of a very long loop, you can sew a ring that you can wear on your finger. In this case, if you want to dance, you can clean up the plume. It will be beautiful flutter in the whirling.
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