You will need
  • - paint;
  • - special hairdressing tools;
  • paint discoloration.
This color is perfect for girls with a cold type of appearance. Before you dye your hair grey, make sure you are fair skinned and with blue eyes. Also the skin should be in perfect condition. After all, ash strongly emphasizes all the flaws on your face. Moreover, it even enhances these defects several times. In addition? you need to remember that ash can significantly wear out their owner. This will happen if a woman has wrinkles.
Care hairAMI and hydration - the key to successful staining in gray color. After all, to get it, I need more than one procedure. And each of them greatly spoils the quality of hair. And even if the color is even after several colourings, without moisture the hair, you look dry and lifeless.
To get the ash color on dark hair- Ah, they first need to lighten up. However, to trust such a procedure better professionals, not to spoil your hairs still in the initial stage of becoming ash-blonde blonde. Colouring red, light brown and dark hairin ash, very often get a greenish and yellowish tint. Dealing with it will help toners ash, purple or silver. They'll just turn down this shade to help even out the color. The easiest way to become the owner of the ashy shade of light blonde. To achieve a noble tone by painting the hairs with no additional bleaching.
The gray color - the color of the mysterious, but very naughty. In addition, when stained difficult to achieve the desired tone, so it is also very capricious in care. Experts recommend: if you want a little longer to keep the color after coloring - make a lamination. Then the gray color will not fade for 3 weeks. Besides, it is necessary to preserve the color to use delicate shampoo for colored hair. Adhering to these recommendations, you will be able to create an image of a mysterious woman, cool and gentle at the same time.