Fold ready otvarennye details of the product, right sides inside, the inner part of the upper hinge seize hook, and promazyvaya as the connecting bars. Thread one side of the fabric and the loop on the other.
Soedinitelnye bars
Fold together otvarennye details and connect them to the bars without nakida. In this case, the seam will be more rough.
the columns without nakida
It is possible to make decorative hem. To do this, just fold otvarennye details right sides out and knit into columns with nakida, without nakida, or any decorative bollards at the edge of the product. This will be the outer side.
Start to connect with the corners. Fold the motifs right side out, clip the thread in the Central loop of corner motif, knit into three air tight loops. Hook to introduce in the right loop of the opposite parts and make a tight loop. Next, perform 3 air loop, skip 2 loops on the first outer edge and tie one tight loop, taking 2 strands of the next loop. Thus knit to the end of the motif. When you approach a corner, instead of 3 loops provarite 5, 4 connecting parts among themselves.
How to connect <b>details</b> <strong>hook</strong>
The second time, connecting the four parts in the corner, you need to associate 2 air loop, 1 tight loop in the center of the chain of five loops, which were used for the first connection of the four parts. We continue to knit 3 air loop, like knitting along the length of the whole motif.
The corners of the motifs