You will need
  • Internet, computer
So, you have a computer connected to the Internet. Is it enough to start earning? Not really. You will need some professional knowledge. For example, if you are a journalist, you will be interested to write articles on various topics. Browsing the Internet is good because in most cases not taxed, hence you get the whole entire amount. But it is not necessary to create illusions of space earnings. Yes, there are people who use the Internet received a significant income, but they went to it a few years and put a lot of effort and money. First of all decide that you are interested and you really know how to do. If you begin to work in unfamiliar or uninteresting to you area, in most cases will fail.
Once and for all understand that there is no easy money. If you want to succeed, remember that all banners and advertisements with promises of millions in a couple of clicks - this is pure divorce. Nothing is free. Very often suggest to earn on viewing advertising. That's true, but the serious money you will earn so as to pay very little for a view. You'll just ruin your eyes and spend the time and electricity wasted. There are also online questionnaires. A good thing, but a constant source of income can not become. Rather can be used as a bonus.
There is the concept of freelancing. In other words, you get one job, execute it and get the money. There are many exchanges of freelancers. But not so easy for the beginner to your first order. From the beginning take care of your portfolio. Important will be the feedback you've received. So first you work on the portfolio, and then it works for you. As a rule, freelancers can find work people of different professions, from programmers to journalists. Be prepared for the fact that you repeatedly throw, that is not going to pay for your work. This is quite a common phenomenon. Not worth much upset and depressed.
Another way to earn is trade on the stock exchange. The lesson is quite difficult. Remove the rose-colored glasses and understand that to make money out of thin air will not work. If you are going to learn how to trade on the stock exchange, you have to be patient. Very seriously you should treat the choice of the dealer, as recently divorced a lot of fake firms, whose activities are aimed to take your money and disappear. Work only with reliable companies.