Thus, the birth certificate is primarily a financial document, which allows budget women's consultations, maternity hospitals and children's policlinics to receive additional funds to pay their employees, purchase of medicines, medical equipment and instruments.
For women, however the benefit of having a generic certificateand boils down to the fact that it has the right selection of women's consultations, which will occur in the period of pregnancy, maternity hospitals, where birth will take place and the clinic, which will be her baby. A pregnant woman can change a few women's consultations, if, for example, it is not satisfied with the quality of medical care in one of them. In this case the payment of vouchers No. 1 is manufactured by the women, which the woman used a longer time, but in the aggregate not less than 12 weeks.
When a woman is dissatisfied with the services of female consultation, maternity hospital or children's clinic she has the right to change some disliked institution, but if a woman did not, it must provide birth certificate at that institution, which enjoys.