"Beeline" offers its customers a service called "Answering machine". With it, other subscribers can leave voice messages for you if you can't come to the phone at all or are out of network coverage. To activate and set "auto answer" is possible by means of USSD-request on number *110*014#. To listen to received messages at any time, just dial on your mobile shortcode 0600, and then press send call.
You can enable the "Answering machine" users can virtually all tariff plans of "MegaFon" (except for tariffs "Telemetry", "light" and some others; the current list of these tariff plans can be found on the website of the operator). The connection is made one call to number 0500 or by contacting technical support to subscribers. In addition, you can activate "Answering machine" and possibly on the website of "MegaFon" through "Service-Guide". Connection will cost you 10 rubles; for the use of Autoresponder operator will charge your account 1 ruble.
The company "MTS" in addition to the voice, and also provides a text answering machine. Instead of a voice message, you will receive a notification in the form of SMS messages. In order to activate this service you need to send a message to the short number 3021.