Head to the bar. Vis on the bar perfectly strengthens the muscles of the hands and forearms. Hang on the crossbar 30 seconds. Make every day a number of approaches. Exercise will be more effective if you're a little catch up, and will hang in this unstable state.
Regular pullups will also help you to pump the brush of hands. Pull forward and reverse grip, in order for the brush to pump more fully.
Also can hang on each hand alternately.
Buy carpal expander. This fixture is ideal for our task. Chest expander strengthen your brush and people who have suffered a hand injury and just athletes, such as wrestlers. Squeeze the expander 200-300 times in a row with each arm until your forearms swollen like Popeye. After a short pause, repeat the approach for each hand. To do this exercise you need to regularly, almost daily.
Do with a barbell or dumbbells. A great exercise to strengthen the muscles of the forearm – flexion of the hands with dumbbells or a barbell. Weight should not be very large. 10 kg is enough for a fairly experienced athlete. The emphasis in this exercise should be done on the number of repetitions and the delay of the projectile at the top. Hold dumbbell or barbell for about 10-15 seconds at the top, back and lower shell slowly.
Use begister. It is a small inertial ball which you can squeeze, twist, roll, and in parallel work on the computer. Most often it is used by tennis players for their workouts, but others wishing to pump up brushes of hands.