You will need
  • The telephone hotline of the manufacturer.
How to protect yourself from the occasional purchase of a "gray" phoneeh?
Never buy a phonewith it, even if they have an attractive price and can assure you that the phone is new. The risk to acquire certified, a defective or stolen phone is very large.
However, even in cellular salons you can not sell the original phone. Therefore it is necessary to carefully consider the purchase. Not worth buying the device in a small kiosks near the train station, which is now very much.
Before buying please note on the sticker on the box of the device. There must be a sticker of Rostest. Every phone before entering the sale must be certified. Also sold the original phones, but without the quality certificate. Of course, the price is lower. In any case, do not purchase such devices. They can harm your health. Best buy phones the shop of the manufacturer. So you will gain real product.
The "gray" phone can be distinguished by their appearance. As a rule, the forgery differs from the original case dimensions. Also pay attention to the quality of the materials from which the device is made. If the case is suspicious creaks and plastic parts have blotches or stains, it's likely you have in your hands is not the original phone. Examine the equipment. It should include original accessories.
You can also call by phoneat the hotline of the manufacturer and to check the originality of your machine. For this you will need to call to call the operator with the IMEI of your phone. This is a numeric code located on the box from phoneand the sticker under the battery.