Using "Mobile locator" from the "Beeline" you can always know where the other party. To activate this service, dial from your mobile phone free room 06849924. To send a request you will be able sending an SMS message with the text of L on the number 684. The query cost is an average of two rubles, however, the cost may vary in accordance with the tariff plan.
Clients of MegaFon can send a request in several ways: for example, from the site at 0888 or via USSD-request *148*subscriber's number#. After sending a request to your number will receive a message with the location of the subscriber, as well as the map, to see which will be on the phone or computer. But remember, before sending the request, you need to obtain the consent of the other party to his location. It must send its consent in the form of a message with the text "+" and your number (indicated in 7) 000888. The amount that will be charged to your account after sending the request, is equal to 5 rubles.
To activate the "Locator" operator "MTS" should be sent to a toll-free number 6677 number and name of the other party; after which the subscriber will receive an SMS message, the text of which is number. Once the query is confirmed, you will receive information about the location of the subscriber. Connection "Locator" is free; but his use of balance will be charged 10 cents per each query.