In accordance with the contractof om asset management company for a set fee to provide services and perform maintenance and repair of the common property of the house, to give utilities to proprietors, etc. a Contract with the management company must be concluded in writing by drawing up one document signed by the parties. It is for a term of not less than one year and not more than five years.
According to the housing legislation, the contract with the management company shall contain:
1. the address of the house in respect of which will be managed;
2. the inventory of such homes;
3. the list of services and the maintenance and repair of the common property of the house;
4. the list provided by the company for utility services;
5. fees for the maintenance and repair of common property of the house, utilities;
6. the order of introduction of the said fee;
7. the exercise of control over the actions of the management company.
Make sure to check the contract with the provisions of the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 13.08.2006 №491. It approves the Rules of content of common property in an apartment house and rules of change of size of payment for maintenance and repair of the dwelling. Especially in this regulation should pay attention to the rules to perform common maintenance costs of the common property. In particular, the Decision stated that the decision on the amount of fees for the maintenance and repair of the premises is taken by the General meeting of apartment owners for a period of one year. This and other rules should be considered in order not to let the management company of the abuse (instead of one year in a contract to write six months in order to continue to raise fees, etc.). Articles of agreementand the management company must comply with the regulations. So take the time to sign the contract immediately and inform about the availability of the specified resolution the neighbors that the majority of tenants have not been signed obviously unprofitable and not corresponding to the law of contract.