You will need
  • Documentation or a technical passport of the device. Access to the Internet.
And so to know the size of the screen of your device there are many ways. Consider this example: there is a need to know the resolution of your screen for sony ericsson k700i. When choosing and buying, pay attention to the window, there is often given comprehensive information about the capabilities and technical characteristics of the product.
Consult on the technical characteristics of the device directly from the seller, or a management consultant. They will tell you the technical details about a particular device model, or presenting the relevant technical documentation.
If you already bought the phone and before did not look for the information you need, read the instructions supplied with the device. But, as a rule, such information is indicative of not all manufacturers.
If viewing the user did not give the expected result, go online and use the search engine. A lot of them, so choose to your taste and color. For example, In the search bar, type the exact model of the phone, for example sony ericsson k700i specifications", and press enter. Below you will see a list of pages containing the desired information. Go to the sites and explore them to find the information you need. As a rule, in the first position of the search sites can find the catalogs of cell phone models. Information on each models on their pages are summarized in a compact table. Therefore, in the graph display and control you can find information about the screens installed in your device.