Keep in mind that quality stew just can't be cheap. Meat for stew uvarivaetsja about 40%. This means that for the preparation of standard 338-gram cans need about a pound of raw meat. It turns out that a good stew can not cost you a penny.
Keep in mind that this stew, which is produced in accordance with GOST, should have a long-established name of "stew Pork" or "Beef stew". Other product names indicate that the stew is made according to the technical prescriptions of the manufacturer.
Give preference to stew in glass jars. Indeed, in this case, you can carefully consider its contents. High-quality corned beef should be visible pieces of meat dark red, floating in a brownish juice. The top should be a layer of white or yellowish fat. Look at that Bank was clean, had stains. The cap should not have traces of rust, all sorts of damage and defects.
If, however, you have to buy canned meat in cans, carefully inspect it. About the contents of such cans can only speculate on the appearance of the package. Hold the jar in his hands. If in some place it is deformed, it is best not to buy. After all, if the damage of broken internal coating, which contains zinc, tin, Nickel. If you hit them in the body of a person suspected poisoning. Swollen Bank is further proof that the product is spoiled.
Therefore, metal cans should be sealed, and their covers and bottoms - flat and concave. In the stew, which was created under the technical conditions, you can get in herbal supplements. On the lid of the jar must contain information about the manufacturer code and manufacturer.
Note that in the stew, which is prepared according to national standards, should be 56% of meat and fat, the rest is broth. The meat pieces should be about 30 grams each and look like one big piece when removing from the jar must not fall apart. The aroma should not be present odors. The meat should be juicy and not have other flavors. And one more thing: the product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. From this it can deteriorate before the expiry date.