Remember that in the childhood you liked that you did well in school to solve problems in mathematics or to write essays? Our vocation is formed in childhood. Of course, it is impossible to determine who in the future should become the eight-year-old child, however, a tendency to exact or human Sciences is quite possible to identify.
You can think about what you like to do. No matter what it is - reading, working in the garden, playing on the computer. Hobbies talking about people more than they think. Those who like, for example, the embroidery (that is quite a monotonous job that requires attention and care), certainly prone to scrupulous work that requires concentration. Accordingly, the woman, was fond of embroidering, suitable administrative job or work, for example, in the accounting Department.
To help identify the calling test for career guidance. Of course, they can't give the exact answer what you are most capable of, what you should be, but at least help determine the areas in which it is possible to try to determine the exact vocation. They also help to weed out what you just do not fit. Take the test for career guidance in personnel Agency or in a special center.
Cannot one hundred percent be sure if one or the other field of activity, prior to joining it. Sometimes it happens that the specialty that seemed interesting at the University, in practice it turns out boring.
If you realize that your work is not very suitable for you, do not like does not match your calling (for example, it was found that you gravitate more towards journalism than advertising), it is better to think about how to change it or at least try to work in a field that you consider your vocation. Know that what you like better. Accordingly, it is easier to make a career doing what you love.