You will need
  • is a special recipe;
  • - writing instruments.
In pre-revolutionary time in schools, calligraphy was a separate subject and was considered a very important science. Then the beauty of the written letters attached to the fact that the words on the paper were deposited tear-off method. And therefore had more opportunities and time to gently withdraw the letter. However, after the next school reform in 1968 the Ministry of education made the decision that it is necessary to increase the speed of writing in children by rejecting the detachable manner of writing letters. At the same time abolished and special lines of exercise books, which helped to write the words correctly on paper. Therefore, in order to learn to write calligraphy, you need to use a special recipe. They are marked by special markings, which helps to write the letters under the correct slope. Also in this recipe marked the point at which you need to trace the letter as required by rules of calligraphy. The main advantage of this layout is that the hand writing automatically takes the desired position, and registers the letter on the right path.
Is based the principle of calligraphy on the notion that each letter has its own formula of writing. Knowing her, the man who writes, will automatically know? where and how to put a handle on how to properly maintain the line and where the letter the letter should end. And of course, calligraphic letter must be separated. Otherwise to prescribe nice letter will not work. It is the spelling of words - with little respite, is considered the most physiologic for the person. All the lines in the letters and words should be smooth, gently rounded and brought to its logical conclusion.
Also on the beauty of handwriting is influenced by many other factors. One of them - wrong posture while writing. Never sitting crooked man with bent head and unnaturally twisted neck begin to write beautifully. Letters should be written with a single slope, i.e. on paper to look uniform. If the person is sitting incorrectly, he periodically changing the angle of view, and hence the slope of the letters. And this is a violation of the laws of calligraphy.
Another of the conditions for the production of beautiful handwriting - the correct paper position for writing. Lie she needs exactly with a maximum slope of 20 degrees (no more!). The middle of the written text must correspond to the middle of his chest. It also helps to keep the slant of the letters when writing in the right direction.
And of course, don't worry that at first not all it turns out that writing one word takes a very long time. All of this experience develops and acquires the necessary speed. But after several hard training your handwriting can hardly be called ugly and incomprehensible.