First, you need to find out why the child wants to drink? In this case, there may be two reasons for this: the child just wants to draw attention to himself or he is actually thirsty.
If you asked the night to drink, the child thus wants to attract your attention, so it lacks this attention day. Spend a day with the child more time, walk, play, read. In General, the day the child should in some way be tired of your attention, then by night it will not bother you.
If a child is really thirsty, then this can also be a number of reasons. Perhaps the child is simply hot. In this case, you need to monitor the temperature in your baby's room and ventilate it regularly. Also, do not baby too warmly to dress and monitor his bedding, which should correspond to the time of year.
Cause thirst also could be the intake of excessively spicy or salty foods at dinner. You must follow the diet of the baby. Of course, it is better to prevent children's menu fried, pickled and salted foods. But if you cannot avoid such, you need to try to not give these products to a child for dinner.
Excessive fluid intake in the night can cause various "failures" in the body of the child. First, the night of all the organs work day, so the extra load on the bladder is not needed. Drinking plenty of fluids the night, the child will be respectively to want to write, which will also lead to the failure of his physiological needs. And if you are in this period and wean the baby from using diapers in the night, one will interfere with another.