As a letter in the German language, the sender should carefully consider the choice of vocabulary, try to avoid the use of complex syntactic structures, to learn the rules of written etiquette of the country of the recipient. Totally unacceptable spelling and punctuation errors, use of words not in their inherent value, unordered construction of the sentence. There must be a clear structure of presentation with adequate choice of style, adherence to the logic of construction of the utterance. An integral part of successful writing emails – knowledge of politeness norms.
When placing a personal letter in the upper right corner, specify the address of the author, after the name of the village is a comma followed by the date. Writing a business letter requires the use of a template structure that identifies the business name, trademark, Fax number.
The address on a separate row from left: Julia Liebe or Lieber Hans. More formally hear the phrase: Sehr geehrte Frau Kraft or Sehr geehrter Herr Kraft.
After the greeting should ask the recipient about matters of life, tell the same about yourself, apologize, Express gratitude, request. To give a link to the previous contacts. In a business letter to briefly introduce in the course of the case, for example, to indicate that you have already been treated by certain issues and are glad to continue cooperation: Ich habe schon mehrmals bei...gekauft. In the main part following the logic of writing using special phrases: Ich kann sagen, dass...
At the end of the letter it is considered good practice references on further contacts: Lass mich nicht so lange auf einen Antwort warten. Given the final phrase: Mit herzliche Grusse.
Ends design signature of author: Deine Olesya.