The most successful and reliable are considered to be cylindershaving the valve which is attached to the reducer with the gas pipeline. Such a valve according to resemble a cap nut. The propane cylinder's reducers are meant to reduce the pressure of gas that enters the cylinder. They automatically maintain the specified pressure at gas-flame processing.
Often fitting reducer connecting with the main hose of the pipeline. No matter which design has the gear, the mounting of the hose on the fitting is performed using a special mounting yoke, which can tighten the screw.
Currently meet cylinders of various designs. That is why the mount of the gearbox is different. To a container equipped with valves, this device can be connected by dressing it on the neck of the cylinder valve. Note the special rubber o-ring. At a time when the reducer is worn on the neck of the valve, it is necessary to tighten the ring locking mechanism. To let go of this ring is possible only after the completed landing gear in place.
The easiest way to connect the reducer to the cylinder, which is equipped with valves. The connection is made by threaded connection on the fitting and valve cap nut of the gearbox. Tighten the nuts need open-end wrench. Between the nut and the reducer fitting will need to install the gasket. It is forbidden to use the gasket several times.