So to make amplifier for subwoofer You will need these details:

  • one digital receiver;
  • one operational amplifier;
  • stabilizer circuits;
  • DAC;
  • one filter (active type);
  • housing for amplifier;
  • the printed circuit Board.
  • It is very important to decide on the scheme. Fortunately those numerous online. Depending on the scheme You assemble the elements. So you should prepare the soldering iron and wires.

    To correctly assemble the booster, not difficult, if you have an idea about the work to be undertaken. The beginning will serve as a preparation of the PCB. It with a blowtorch will fasten the items. Following the diagram, make the installation element according to the polarity and the rules for a correct installation. The circuitry is a delicate and capricious thing. It does not tolerate haste. Careless, You will be able to burn scheme, what will inevitably damage the whole preparatory stage of the work.

    Next is installing a card into the case and its fixing. To check it is to connect the good speakers. Gradually increasing the sound, check all the features of the resulting device. Low-quality sub or speakers can distort Your feeling of sound, therefore check on quality equipment. In addition, it is worth remembering that some passive subs may have a negative impact on amplifiers.

    Be sure to plan accordingly, locate the parts, make a plan and do it. The important thing is not to rush and to treat the matter of the Assembly, as to the adventure. You have a good sound.