Start writing features with some General information about the student. Specify the age, changed the class if, for whatever reason. Give a verbal portrait of the child.
Then describe the physical development of the child: General health whether you have a chronic illness, whether height, weight, age standards.
The following item characteristics, conditions of family education of the student. Specify the composition of families, age, profession, place of work. Describe the living conditions: does the child have a separate room or just a designated corner Desk. Write about the family's welfare. It is also important to say about the General atmosphere of relations: friendly, family conflict, etc. Describe the attitude of other family members to student: interested in his Affairs, help him or there is a lack of control, complete independence. As well as the attitude of the student to members of his family: the respect, the desire to maintain or selfishness, disregard, etc.
Give a brief characterization of the class in which the student learns. Specify the quantity and sex composition. Describe the academic performance, discipline, activity of the class as a whole.
The following paragraph features is the position of the student in the class. Describe the progress of the child, his discipline, what order performs in a high-class team. Also indicate what is the position of the student among peers: the leader, accepted or rejected, isolated. Note if the student is the initiator, the organizer of any public Affairs or occupies the position of the spectator, the performer.Write also about how the child relates to the criticism: indifferent, hostile, serious or sympathetic. Describe whether the presence or absence of close friends have this student in class what qualities he manifests in relation to peers: mutual, reliability or ability to betray.
Next, describe the orientation of the personality of the student. Write about the moral beliefs of a disciple: the idea of fairness, conscience, friendship, honesty, etc. and Note the attitude of the student labor: honor the work, or appreciate what work skills are formed, can long time to do any thing.
Describe the attitude of student to learning activities: what learning, what subjects do like the most, and which manifests indifference. Specify whether the student is interest in sports, art, etc., as developed horizons formed whether the reader's interests. Note whether the student sustainable professional intention.
The following item characteristics – self-esteem and level of aspiration of the student. Specify whether the self-esteem of the student is adequate or inadequate (overestimated or underestimated). Level of aspiration is manifested in the goals that the student wants to achieve, it can be high, medium or low.
Describe the level of intellectual development of the student, the degree of formation obshcheuchebnyh abilities and skills: can you identify the main, you can write and read at the right pace, can work independently with a book, etc. describe the features of the mental processes of the child: the degree of development of voluntary attention, which type of thinking, perception, memory prevails, etc. notice which of the qualities of each process are better developed and which need work.
Write about the peculiarities of emotional-volitional sphere of the child. Specify what the prevalent mood: happy, optimistic, cheerful or lethargic, anxious, depressed, etc. Describe how the flow of emotions the student is most often: violently, pronounced or observed restraint, possession over him. Also, specify how the student usually reacts in a stressful situation, such as being insulted: rude, crying, despair or experiencing self-doubt. How the student behaves, for example, on exams, in public speaking: mobilized and shows the best results, or Vice versa.Rate how developed are the student of the determination, commitment, perseverance, courage and other volitional qualities.
Determine the traits what type of temperament is dominated by the student. Specify and is observed to strengthen certain character traits.
The last paragraph features are the conclusions. Will gather the information and determine whether the development of a student his age standards, what conditions have a positive influence and which negative. Advise parents, teachers, and the need to pay special attention when working with the child.