In practice, the easiest way to do the subwoofer is not an active plan. Why, it is clear to all, it does not require installation. The work on such a "hack" is to design and build subwoofer boxes and speaker inside the box.

So, the job needs to be with the selection of the speaker. The more powerful a speaker, the louder will work Your future sub. Speaker can get to You in different ways. Most importantly, the presence of some passport data on his performance. The fact that they will depend on the design of the body, which is important. You will need the data about the dynamics of the resonance frequency in the open space, the full measure of dynamics and quality factor equivalent volume. To find out these data from the accompanying speaker, documents. It is therefore sometimes advisable to buy a speaker in the store, not the flea market. However, You are free to choose the basic model at the lowest price.

Then start designing boxes Saba. For this you need to use a computer program WinISD 0.44. Without the help of this utility to collect the running case, it will be difficult. The program will request the parameters of the dynamics. It allows you to develop four kinds of boxes. Consider the box with the highest efficiency — this is bandpass of the sixth order.

Bandpass of the sixth order is the rectangular cube object. Inside it has one jumper, which will be mounted speaker. Bandpass will be two holes for installation fusioninventory cameras. Role the cameras will play a tube of metal, plastic, or paper. This body should be as sealed. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the foam, felt or wool. The inner layer should be at least two centimeters. Removable cover on the subwoofer should have a high density at the joint. It can be enhanced with an additional layer of foam.

All dimensions will be given by the program WinISD 0.44. It will calculate the best numbers for Your case, based on the capabilities of the speaker. Your task as accurately as possible to realize all the sizes, then the sound will meet all expectations. In General, to collect the subwoofer is a complex task. It requires not only knowledge of acoustic systems, but also the skills of working with wood, screws, bolts and sealing materials. So it is a real challenge for the craftsman.

If You're very careful and consistent, You will succeed.